LPG Endermologie

Stomach or saddle bags, cellulite or firmness…
the eternal dilemma no longer exists.
Lpg endermologie® treatments are comprehensive, pleasant, personalized, and without side effects.
Visible results from the first sessions, perfect postpartum and post surgery.

Fluid Flow

To improve blood circulation and reduce fluid retention in the leg area, this LPG Endermologie procedure targets the lower body and smoothes cellulite and tightens and lightens legs.

40 minutes COST $240

6 weeks plan COST $1,200

Firm & Fit

Targeting local fat and cellulite, this LPG Endermologie treatment is ideal to increase tone, improving skin elasticity and muscular firmness, and reshape the body.

60 minutes COST $300

Back to Solar

This LPG Endermologie treatment works to tighten and redefine the waist area. It helps to relieve the discomfort of fluid retention. Perfect for postpartum therapy or weight loss, and to deliver new energy to the core and solar plexus.

40 minutes COST $240

Arms Up

A customised strategy to fight arm fat, This LPG Endermologie treatment tones and tightens the skin for a younger, fresher profile.

30 minutes COST $190


Total Rest

A customised full-body massage, based on holistic techniques and designed to ease tensions and pain and balance emotions. This treatment also includes a gentle face scrub, followed by a nourishing mask.

70 minutes COST $190

Rituals & Rites

A special massage, dedicated to clearing energy in the physical body and bringing inner peace to your day. The power of crystals, aromatherapy and hot stones are used to detoxify from negative vibes and thoughts and bring back innate self-love.

40 minutes COST $110

Intense De-Stress

A deep tissue massage that utilises Asian techniques and promotes muscle relaxation and pain relief through firm pressure and stretching. This treatment also includes a customised face scrub and mask.

70 minutes COST $190